Thursday, June 25, 2009

Email Blasting and Internet Marketing process

Online Marketing process Details

Nature of Process: Online Marketing process

Basics of the Process: Write comment and post the link...+ Blast the email

Number of seats: Min. 10

Connectivity: Broadband of minimum 1MBPS

Payout: 60$ fix for 1 MOS (Marketing of Sales product)here MOS means marketing of sales.. where you just need to do the posting and send the mails... there is not any sales... posting and blasting of emails you can do through your agents and server..

Payment Cycle: 15 days

Workload: 10000 Emails + 1000 Link posting per MOS

Online Training we will provide for the process (for on-site training need to pay extra),
Material and rest of the details you will get from us.

You will have your own site and banners from the Client.

Client will monitor your process and you need to send all the link through excel sheet every day.

Software will be provided for email blasting and email grabbing.


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