Thursday, March 18, 2010


UK pay day loan lead generation

payout 7 GBP per lead

weekly payment

no criteria of approval

minimum to maximum 1500 GBP loan

Debt Settlement Lead Generation Campaign:

Criteria of the process:

1. Unsecured Debt of $10K or more

• It can be Credit Card, Pay Day Loan, Personal Loan, Federal Taxes, Medical Bills and any Bills which are in Collections.

• Utility Bills can only be considered if it is from Previous Address. If it is from current Address, it should be in collections.

2. Customer must have sustainable regular income which can be anything like Employment, Self Employment, Disability, Social Security, Insurance that exceeds the daily necessary amount required to provide for minimum living expenses.

3. Consumer must have some hardship or be in arrears on their payments

4. Consumer must agree to and confirm criteria 1, 2, and 3 AND agree to an appointment with a counselor. If the consumer does not agree to have a counselor speaks with them immediately OR call them back at a more convenient time then the lead will not be accepted.

The Leads sent will be Re-Verified from our side.. The status of the Leads sent will be provided next day or same day (if possible). If any Lead is not accepted, we will send the Voice File of the Customer comments.

Pay Out: $ 16 per Accepted Lead.