Saturday, August 29, 2009

Internet Marketing and Email Blasting proposal various sites

Internet Marketing and Email Blasting

No of seats to start 10

2 seats for email blasting + 7 seats for online posting + 1 seat for creating banners and posters

No of agents 10 + 2 (for Qc)

Program Description :-

We will provide couple of sites where you need apply for the registration. After getting the conformation you will have your own online tool to access on the system. You will have different kind of banners, links and posting material which you can use for online advertisement , email blasting and different kind of services. Depend on the clicks, visitor or registration you will get paid, if customer purchasing the product then you will have some fix % of the amount of the product prices.

Currently we are working with more then 20 different kind of site, through our experience you can earn around $500 to $800 per month per seat minimum. Most of the sites are working with Big brands of USA and UK having association with all major brands, carriers and Companies of the worlds who looking for maximum consumers through their services.

Payment terms is 15 days and you will receive the direct cheque either on your company name or personal name. Even you can choose other payment terms like paypal.

The site is not charging any amount to make the registration , even some site will pay you the joining amount which you can get after making some work on their process.

We will be charging one time amount to give you end number of sites. In some cases we will be providing you data* for internet marketing and email blasting services.


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